Kind Words From the growing Best Tugs Family

When I saw Best Tugs state-of-the-art high tech tugs at Oshkosh and the enthusiasm with which aircraft owners in the USA were embracing them, I just knew we had to get these out to Australasian owners.

Kim Wadham

Owner of Best Tugs (Australia)

There are certain premium products that are must haves for us pilots. Like my Bose Headset and my Best Tug.
Both worth every cent.

"Carpe Diem"

Seize The Day 

I knew I needed a tug for my turbine aircraft, but I had no idea how much I would love having the tug and using it on my Cirrus.

Couldn't Be Happier


Now I have a Best Tug and it's so much easier to get the plane in and out of the hangar, I'm not only flying more but the whole experience is more enjoyable.

Back In The Game


A Best Tug tug is sooooo much more than just a tug.

Love The Versatility 

Thank You

How many toys could a Best Tug tug if a Best Tug could tug toys?
"Well... All of them".

Mark Patey

Founder of Best Tugs

The minute I saw a Best Tug I had to have one. This tug is feature packed, clean, quiet and makes moving my aircraft fun. The trailer attachment makes it very versatile.

Happy Customer

Company Director

At last a high tech aircraft tug that protects my aircraft from towing stress and prop strikes. And it's packed with useful features. 


Aircraft Owner

Without doubt the best and most advanced aircraft tug on the market and perfect for looking after our customers investments.


Aircraft Engineer