Origins & Overview

Mark and Mike Patey

Twin brothers and twin World Record holders Mike and Mark Patey have built, and are proud to put their names on Best Tugs™.

The twin brothers, based in Utah USA, have owned their own engineering firm for many years and have been granted many patents for their work, especially in the field of electric vehicles. The search for a new airplane tug began when Mark's wife Suzy, also a pilot, got a new plane and struggled using one of the many tugs they currently owned. After an exhaustive search for a tug that would be tough enough for Mark but easy enough for Suzy, the age old saying that has launched about every entrepreneurial endeavor "there's got to be a better way" led the two whiz kids to design a tug with other pilots in mind.

Using their past experience designing products for some of the worlds largest companies, they went to work building prototype after prototype until they arrived at what you see here on the site. Engineered by pilots for pilots and thought through for all the situations they have faced in all the different conditions and with the 30+ planes they have owned to make what we feel is the World's Best Tugs™. If you don't see a tug that fits your plane, just call us or keep coming back, we can't stop them from adding new tugs and more innovations, it's almost a daily thing, but one thing is for sure, they won't stop until it meets the Best Tugs™ standard!